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Assited reproduction services in El Salvador for US citizens

Thousands of people travel each year for assisted reproduction treatment, let us explain why.

About Latid, El Salvador

Our experience in fertility

Latid Fertility Center is the first center specialized in assisted reproduction, backed by the Superior Council of Public Health in El Salvador. We have medical equipment of the latest technology that allows us to offer a highly qualified service and that it meets international quality standards.

In Latid you will find the first and only embryologist in El Salvador, a member of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE by its acronym in English) ID: E-17-00285 and a member of the American Association of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM for its acronym in English), the number of member 00036083. Our modern facilities have been exclusively designed for your comfort and your safety.

Why choose Latid?

High success rates

Complying with international standards in laboratories and specialized medical equipment of latest technology, allows us to achieve high success rates in all of the treatments that we offer.

Board – certified specialists

You will find at Latid the only specialist in embryology with extensive experience in assisted reproduction treatments in El Salvador.

Advanced technology

The only ones to have a PH meter in all the culture medium, with calibration of ambient air and gas meter Co2 in the laboratory of embryology, which allows an optimal development of the embryo.

Human warmth

In Latid, we go hand in hand with you on every one of the steps of assisted reproduction, and we share your enthusiasm to become a mother.

Services we offer at Latid

IVF with own eggs

IVF is when the egg from a woman and the sperm from a man are united outside the body in a laboratory.
After fertilization, the embryos are cultured in the laboratory for a few days before being transferred to the woman’s uterus so that they can implant and continue the pregnancy naturally

IVF with egg donation

IVF with Egg Donation involves using eggs from an anonymous donor, which are fertilized with the partner’s sperm in a lab. After a few days of cultivation, the embryos are transferred to the recipient’s uterus for natural implantation and pregnancy continuation.

Fertility preservation

Fertility preservation is a technique used to store eggs or sperm for future use. Individuals may consider preserving their fertility for various reasons, such as social, personal, or professional motivations to delay parenthood or due to a medical diagnosis like cancer before undergoing treatments that could potentially impact their fertility.

Latid vs other Assisted Reproduction Centers


IVF with own eggs

IVF with egg donation

FIV with preimplantation

Fertility preservation

Latid, El Salvador. CA

Starting from $4500

Starting from $10,000

Starting from $14,000

Starting from $3,500

Others USA

$12,000 – $15,000

$25,000 – $30,000

$17,000 – $20,000

$6,000 – $10,000

International patient guide

The first consultation can be conducted online via Zoom (Teleconsultation). During this consultation, we assess the medical history of the couple, discuss any existing test results, evaluate both partners’ lifestyles, family planning goals, the desired number of children, and the current situation of the couple.

Based on this information, we establish a plan that includes which tests should be performed, which can be done in their country of residence, and which need to be conducted in El Salvador.




Test Results

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