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On Latid

Latid Fertility Center is the first center specialized in assisted reproduction, backed by the Superior Council of Public Health in El Salvador.

With Latid, you can achieve it too

We adapt to your needs, offering you medical treatment and emotional support based on your personal situation:

Future mommy and daddy


Being a mother again


Preservation of female fertility


Preservation of male fertility

Why Latid?

Customized treatments
We will work with you to develop a plan of care, based on cause and diagnosis, age, health of the couple, among others. In Latid you will find the right treatment for you and your partner.
Multidisciplinary specialists
Our medical staff is composed by specialists with a great experience in assisted reproduction. In Latid, you're in the best hands.
Modern facilities
In a way that can be long, you will have a cosy and safe space, and a medical and administrative staff that works for your well-being. In Latid, you're not alone.
Specialized Medical equipment
We have medical equipment and laboratory technology to provide a service that is certain. In Latid, your dream is safe.

Assisted reproduction treatments